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Cicinato Carmo

M. A. in Education from Universidade Católica de Petrópolis, B.A. in Languages from UERJ. I've been a teacher of English since 1998, a teacher trainer for more than 10 years and an Academic Coordinator at Cultura Inglesa S.A. since 2011. My main interests lie in distance education, education technology, teacher development and learner satisfaction.

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Welcome to the Say It! Initial Training - Online Module designed by Cultura Inglesa S.A. Teacher Development Division



The Say It! Initial Training - Online Module has been designed for Cultura Inglesa S.A. teachers who have been working at the institution for at least 6 months and want to develop their skills to teach the Say It! course. It is important to recognise that the online module,its content and activities, has been designed to equip the course participants with key information which will help them fully participate in the Say It! Initial Training - Presential Module.


It is antecipated that it will take around three hours to complete all the tasks. This includes visiting Cultura Inglesa S.A. and Learning Factory websites, reading institutional documents, watching videos, doing exercises and joining in the Say It! Initial Training online forum Voice In.




Course objectives and outcome:

  • You'll be introduced to the Say It! course, its aims, structure, method and assessment system. 


  • You'll be equipped to fully participate in the presential module of the Say It! Initial Training.




Now, watch the video Say It! - Torradeira (approx. 20 seconds) to start your journey in the Say It! Initial Training - Online Module. We really hope that you enjoy it!





After watching the video, go to our online discussion forum Voice In to introduce yourself, leave your comments and share your ideas. All hyperlinks are indicated in blue and you just have to click on it to access videos, documents and course areas. 




If you need to communicate with the online teacher you can either call or send him an e-mail:

(21) 2528-1105 - office hours




Technology requirements: supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari latest version. If you’re using Internet Explorer, consider installing any of the aforementioned web browsers. You can access Say It! Initial Training – Online Module from Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.


© All photos used in Say It! Initial Training - Online Module are copyright free or labeled for reuse on Google search engine.

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