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Lavy Moung
Lavy Moung
Lavy Moung


This module will serve as an overview of basic ICT skills for teachers and educational staff at CCF. This module is part of the larger teacher training and orientation sequence.

ICT skills are an important part of the educational mission of CCF. Developing and instilling 21st century skills in the students is a primary goal. 


ICT's are not only important in education they also have become survival skills for the job market of the 21st century!


The overall plan with the elearning program is to equip students with tools and skills for success whether in education, employment or life. The range of skills students will develop will cover a wide range of software and apps that will allow them to solve complex problems they will face in the future. 

Course content

  • Internet Use Policy

  • Wordpress, Blogger and Google sites

  • Google Apps and Eliademy

  • Ipad and Education apps

  • ICT vs IT support

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