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Calce Cedercreutz

A sales executive that turned entrepreneur. A swedish-speaking Finn that's comfortable in global business environements and engineering discussions. 20 years of Sales and IT experience at Nokia Networks, NSN & ABB combined with 2,5 years at Boston Consulting Group prepare me for starting my own consultancy. In the sparetime have helped children to reach their full potential in academia and sports, on world championship level.


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This course will show you the 5 key topics for great sales. This is based on my 20 years of sales and sales management experience. Naturally it's flavoured by my education from IMD and consulting experience from BCG. Keep it short and simple, hence all the key content is embedded into the 6 tasks. They in turn are short and intend to make it easy for you to do this in small pieces.

It will introduce a framework for how to analyze your own sales behaviour and help you find more effective ways. If this gets viewed by 300 of you like this course I will follow up with sessions on each topic separately - ca 20 minutes for each topic.

The 5 topics are listed under tasks. For each listen to the video and write down your own insights.

As a last 6th topic thing through all your insights and design two SMART objectives for your next week. Two insights you can act upon in small steps to take you towards more effective salesmanship.

If you want to have a discussion about this with me I'm happy to commit up to 60 min for such a discussion with everybody that has completed all 6 tasks.


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