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We are the largest land acquisition company in SW FL. We manage investment portfolios and buy vacant land throughout Florida and are always expanding.......


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1.  What type of Sales Person are you?


    a.  The Hard Worker

    b.  The Relationship Builder

    c.  The Challenger

    d.  The Lone Wolf

    e.  The Problem Solver


2.  The Benefits of Sales Meetings:


    a.  Culture

    b.  Communication

    c.  Synergy

    d.  Direction and Numbers

    e.  Motivation

    f.  Skill Set Development & Reinforcement

    g.  Talent Development

    h.  NOBs


3.  Basic Sales Techniques:


    a.  The Three 3's

    b.  Adding Value

    c.  Ask For the Sale


4.  Basic Sales Scripts:


    a.  How to create urgency

    b.  What to leave in a message

    c.  What to say when sending a purchase offer

    d.  How to console customers who paid peak prices


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