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    Smith and Edwards is a large general store specializing in surplus, sporting goods, clothing, hardware, automotive, western, and housewares. Smith and Edwards employs 117 individuals in its only store, which is located in Ogden, Utah (Smith and Edwards, 2016). 

    In order to "provide a cheerful and safe environment for customers and employees..." (Smith and Edwards, n.d.), Smith and Edwards' management has decided to take a strong approach at addressing necessary safety procedures. Overall, worksite safety is a main concern for the health and safety of workers nationwide (Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], n.d.a). Therefore, Smith and Edwards has made it a goal to decrease worksite injury that could be prevented by proper implementation of workplace safety.

    This safety training is mandatory for all employees of Smith and Edwards. This course addresses the guidelines, rules, and safety regulations that should be implemented in the workplace. The safety concerns have been broken down into six categories: fall prevention, heavy lifting and forklift guidelines, spills and floor hazards, merchandise handling, other safety concerns, and a disclaimer. All employees are required to pass the course with 80% or better. 

Course content

  • Fall Prevention

  • Heavy Lifting and Forklift Guidelines

  • Spills and Floor Hazards

  • Merchandise Handling

  • Other Safety Concerns

  • Disclaimer

  • References

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