Charlie Moreno, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer


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The ASPCA SAFER® Aggression Assessment is a predictive, consistent method for evaluating the probability of canine aggression in individual dogs. The seven-item assessment generally takes no more than 10 minutes per dog to complete. This online course will introduce you to the assessment, understand basic and complex canine behavior & body language, teach you how to conduct each item, and how to properly score the worksheet. 

Course content

  • Dog Behavior Basics

  • SAFER Demonstration with Chato

  • What is SAFER?

  • Item #1: Look

  • Item 2: Sensitivity

  • Item 3: Tag

  • Item 4: Squeeze

  • Item 5: Food Behavior

  • Item 6: Toy Behavior

  • Item 7: Dog-to-Dog Behavior

  • Canine Body Language (40 min - Basic Instructional Video)

  • Body Language Seminar (2 hr video - Advanced - For Certification)

  • Scoring the SAFER Worksheet

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