Safe and Healthy Homes Curriculum


Kari Peterson


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Good Day! You are here to take this course because you want to be the best landlord in Evanston by making your rental property a safe and healthy environment for your residents.

To complete this course, you will read through information on four topics dedicated to educating you on how to make your rental property a safe and healthy environment for your tenants.  First, creating a healthy home will be discussed, with special attention given to asthma, lead, asbestos and tobacco.  Second, the topic of sustainability will be covered, including energy, water, waste systems and transportation.  The third section will discuss safety, with a focus on natural surveillance, access control, territorial reinforcement and maintenance.  Lastly, information on Evanston housing is provided, including fair housing, serving notices in Evanston, understanding property maintenance and security deposit protocol.  

Quizzes are included for each of the four main categories.  You may choose to take the quiz after reading through the specific section, or read through the entire program content and take all quizzes at the end.  


Additional resources are available at the City of Evanston website, at  

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