Natalia Kushcheva

Senior Lecturer


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Learning outcomes:

On this online course you possess a thorough understanding of major developments in Russian history; gain familiarity with the Russian language and literature (including the most prominent writers and poets and their works); are able to discuss in detail the accomplishments of at least one famous Russian (poet, painter, composer, dancer, singer, producer, actor, athlete, politician, etc); and the most important, are motivated and prepared to continue your exploration of Russian culture independently in the future. You will develop analytical and interpretative skills while applying background knowledge to culture-specific material through critical analyses and discussions.

This course is mainly a Bachelor level course but also is available to everybody regardless their field and level of study.


Contents and methods: 

The studies consist of the basic concepts of selected topics of great and challenging features of Russia. The course involves studying individually.

Completing the course is evaluated with the grades Accepted or Failed.


Schedules and assignments:

The course is divided into 10 separate assignments 0,5 ECTS each. You could choose from 2 up to 10 assignments, min 1 ECTS is required to have the course completed. Order of completing the assignments should be composed by the student.

Assignments are given in the format of multiple-choice questions or tasks to be fulfilled. The study materials for each assignment is focused on the topic given.

Each student is responsible for creating a personal schedule for him/herself for the completion of the course. 


Studying process

  1. Explore the material given in each chapter.
  2. Proceed to the tasks. 
  3. Submit your answer.

Teachers will visit the course every Tuesday and Thursday - so the students could get feedback each Friday at latest. Please, note that teachers are on holiday 15.6.-13.8.2018. During this period, students are obliged to work independently.



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