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RCA operates as a training provider and consultancy to best in class brands across hospitality and retail sectors of Southern Africa. We seek to develop the human capital within your organization to ultimately increase customer satisfaction and sales.

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Erin Mills
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Welcome to the RCA Championing Management & Leadership Course.


The WHY behind this Course

The ability to manage a team effectively is highly sort after in today's professional environment.  A specific skills-set along with the requisite experience are integral towards becoming a highly respected manager. By digesting the content in this course, you will be equipping yourself with some of the key ingredients towards top level management. 



1.Understanding the scope of Management and Leadership.

2.Developing a comprehensive understanding of the roles a manager and leader play.

3.The application of knowledge and skills based on different management styles.

4.Developing an understanding of the contemporary customer's expectations

5.Understanding how to adapt one’s management approach to different employee.

6.Utilizing both Management and Leadership skills to develop one’s teams.





Course Content


The following 20 modules will form the basis of the content for the course. 



The modules vary in length but in each case can be completed relatively quickly. You will find access to each of the modules on the left hand side of the screen. Content is also varied between text and video.



Each module will end with an assessment addressing the key components of the module. You will be able to locate the assessment in the Assessments Tab. If you have any queries please feel free to ask the RCA representative. 

The pass percentage for all assessments is 75%



The course is self-paced. You may however be subject to a designated time-frame set by your organization. Please consult the RCA representative if you are unsure. 



Upon completion of all the modules and passing of the assessments, you will quality for certification. The RCA representative will be in contact with you to advise on any queries in this regard. 



For any queries please contact the RCA representative for this course. 

Paul Collins

Course content

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