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A more detailed list of these new operating rules will be posted at the new site and in the documents in this group:

1. Each week (probably Sunday afternoons) I will be sending an email invite to each of you for the new weeks course. This ensures participation and ensures your privacy as this is the only way to add people to a private class and we do not want them to be public courses.

2. Course = Topic of the Week
    Lesson = Document within the Course
    Tasks = Assignments (includes due date)
    Forum = Discussion Forum for you and teachers to discuss that course 

3. Courses listed as SELF PACED are things such as rules, syllabus, etc 
     because these are just info not lessons.

4. Course open on Sun and Close on Monday as soon as any assignments have reached their due date. Once a course is closed it is stored in the COMPLETED section. No assignments/tasks will be accepted once it is closed unless you have spoken with the Instructors (preferably Ann but any will do) to let us know what is going on.

5. The site keeps track of all completed tasks and when they were completed so it is all inclusive on one site. You will not  have to submit assignments to the class email unless given special instructions by a teacher.

6. Anyone needing special permission on completing assignments/tasks MUST contact Ann via FB message.

7. The new site forum is for course related discussions and learning ONLY. The Graduating group is still for you to discuss more personal items. Think of this group as your admissions office and bulletin board. Announcements of any kind and posts from teachers will be found here. So keep up with this for any new posts from teachers and like each post just as you have been.

8. The new site has a mobile app, will work on any computer or tablet and if your phones operating platform does NOT have the app you can log onto the new site from your phone's web browser. I have tried all the methods from my old iphone and from my android phone. All of these methods will work with windows as well.

9. The Course is the week's topic. Within the course you will find a document. This document will read like a book you would use in school. Each teacher's lesson for the week will be within this document with the date it is to be read and the teacher who created it. There will typically be 5 lessons with dates within the course for Mon-Fri. The amount may vary but this is the typical guideline. 

10. Assignments can be found within the course under the TASKS option. It will have the date it is created for and the due date. You MUST submit this in the SUBMISSION menu where it tells you to submit the lesson so it will log you as have completed it by the due date.

11. Once the due date has been reached the course will close and move to the completed menu. 

12. Each course will have a forum for you to discuss that weeks lessons and talk with teachers. These forums are for THAT week's course ONLY. All other topics must be moved to the graduating class group on FB. Sometimes you will see more than 1 forum on a course, in the description of that forum it will tell you what it is to be used for.

13. IF you read ahead in that week's lessons and complete your tasks early please respect the other students who may not have read that far ahead when discussing in the forums so as not to confuse the other students.

14. This method will take a little bit to adapt to so bear with it and have patience. I have used this method for YEARS to train people in jobs and it is an awesome method once you have got the flow of it down :)
15. If there is ANY DISPUTE the final decision lies with Celtic Cherokee and Beckah Byrant. Their decision will be FINAL.

This year we are doing things a little differently. Now this won’t mean much to our new comers, this is mainly for those rejoining us. In this class you will learn the basics of witchcraft. We will be teaching in a “non-denominational” capacity.. Meaning that this is not a Wiccan year and a day.. We will be teaching some Wiccan teachings. However, we will be teaching most subjects where they can be used in any tradition or pantheon you wish to follow..


 In the last few years Witchcraft has become popularized by Wicca, and that is great, however not all witches are Wiccan.. (we will go over all of this in class) 


We want to go over some guidelines for the class.. (some of these may sound harsh and rude) 

1) If you are not serious about your learning please leave the group. 

2) If you cannot devote the time to your lessons for the year please leave the group.. 

3) Respect the teachers and their way of teaching.. (if you cannot you will be removed)

4) Please adhere to the time limits that are set for your assignments. 

5) Be courteous to others.. 

6) Most of all relax and have fun and never be afraid to ask a question.. 



These may sound harsh and rude but we are here to teach. We all teach in our own ways and in our own style.. we enjoy teaching but we do not like wasting our time and the time of others on people that are not going to take this seriously.. Now with that said, we understand life throws curve balls. We are willing to work with you on just about everything, to a point.. You must do your best to keep up with the class.. If life happens to throw a curve ball at you please let us know we can be accommodating. 

You will have assignments.. these assignments will have deadlines. Unless you have worked it out with us ahead of time.

There will be an email you send all your assignments to.. you will get this email before your first assignment.. 

We will be doing work as a class group, we will also have reading assignments as well (at least two each term with a max of 7) all reading assignments will be from material provided by the class. There will be research assignments as well.. at any given time..

 Some information you will have in your lessons will come from the internet so, yes you will see some of the info while researching. If a lesson is composed from the internet it is only with the permissions of the author’s permission. With that said if you add any information to your assignments please include the web page and all information credits at the end of the assignment.. (meaning author and copy right info )



Most of all we want you to learn in a fun relaxed environment. We are not slave drivers, we are not tyrants, and we are not Hitlers. We are fun laid back, family orientated people. We want to have fun and try to keep things light and airy most of the time. But, we do have a very serious side. 



So moral of this is very simple.. Respect others, timely manner, and have fun

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