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Students will be able to understand the events leading up to the final death scene at the end of the play.  Each student, based on these events, will make an argument as to who they feel is most responsible for the tragic ending. They are able to use the links which give a general summary of the play for the sake of a review.  Other links will provide students with important insight into character information to help them build an idea and ultimately craft their argument.  Students will then use the discussion page to write three paragraphs asserting why a particular character is most at fault for the outcome of the plot.  Each student will then leave a comment on at least one other student's initial post stating why they may agree or disagree, providing reasons for their answers.  All statements should be supported with examples from the play.



1. Go to Tasks and begin an analysis of a few characters.

2. Use the descriptions as well as the quiz to test your knowledge.

3. Experiment with ideas you have gathered.

4. Next, view the video under Task 2 as a review in order to make sure your thought process and theory is correct.

5. Finally, view your assignments and be prepared to make and defend your claims as well as comment on others.


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