Paulette Valentine

Emergency Preparedness and Response Director

Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response of Southwest Utah Public Health Department

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Welcome to the Roadmap to Preparedness program designed by Johns Hopkins University.  This program is a fun way to become familiar with emergency planning and preparedness for you, your family, and your worksite as your begin your time at the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.

As a new employee you are given a 6 months probationary period to complete all the modules and tasks of Roadmap to Preparedness to be eligible for a raise.

You will find a list of modules and topics below. When completing the modules be sure to follow the directions given. Some modules will require you to view presentations*, meet with other Health Dept. employees, complete training on external websites, and take post tests**. Post tests and other assignments can be found in the Tasks tab.

Please feel free to contact the instructor with any questions or concerns.

Good luck on your Roadmap to Preparedness!  You're on your way to learn valuable information, gain skills for better work performance, and most importantly get prepared! 


Module 1 - Introduction of Roadmap to Preparedness

Module 2 - Personal Preparedness

Module 3 - Pandemic Flu

Module 4 - Job Action Sheets

Module 5 - Workplace Safety (Earthquake or Fire)

Module 6 - Incident Command Structure (ICS)

Module 7 - U-TRAIN

Module 8 - SNS Delivery & Dept. Call-up

Module 9 - Communication

Module 10 - UNIS

Module 11 - Risk Communication

Module 12 - Managing Mental Health Issues

Module 13 - Epidemiology

Module 14 - Weapons of Mass Destruction


*Pay special attention the the notes written below the presentation slides.

**Post test questions only have one correct answer unless otherwise specified.


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