Risk management in international projects


Hanna Pihlajarinne

Principal lecturer

Reviews (5)

Juhana Lamberg
Marion Bo-berg
Very interesting course - plenty of information that are practical and can be very useful and applicable in the work environment.
Dipti Adhikari
The course gave insight on risks that could occurs in international project, how to identify them, its strategy matrix. Course also highlighted that Risk management should be part of organisational culture. What more could be added to the course is how to mitigate those known risks with real example cases.
Lauri-Tapio Korhonen


This course familiarizes the students with Risk Management as the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events. Special emphasis is put on practical risk management tools and latest concepts.


Course is a combination of theory and  excercises in group. The content is:
-Terminology of risks and risk management
-Risk types and risk profiles in international projects
-Risk management process and its implementation
-Implementation of risk management methods and tools
-Risk management in academic research today

When the student has passed this course he/she will know:
- Core terms and notions related to risks and risk management
- Different risk types and profiles in different business environments
- Risk management process phases
- Risk identification techniques
- Risk assessment tools
- Risk management linkage to other management disciplines
- Trends in academic risk management research

After completing the course students can:
- Identify risks in projects and on the company level by using appropriate techniques
- Analyse risks and their consequences with effective tools
- Apply risk management effectively in projectsto save time and money
- Avoid the common pitfalls of risk management implementation

When the student has passed this course he/she will be:
- A project manager understanding the risk profile of her own project and what impact change has on them
- A specialist to define and analyze risks with effective tools and techniques
- A leader to manage risks and act fast if risks realize
- A leader making project members to understand the importance of risk management

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