Open Paw Training Willamette Humane Society Volunteers


Collin Kayser | 10/15/19
marisela luna | 10/9/19
Eric Edenfield | 10/6/19
Ulana Cole | 9/19/19
Jeff Glasco | 8/27/19
Wayne Beasley | 6/7/19
Nancy Franco | 5/9/19
David Roby | 4/24/19
Michael Bryan | 4/11/19
Ashlie Miller | 4/2/19
Wayne Beasley | 4/1/19
Kyra Carl | 3/20/19
Justin Doneth | 3/15/19
Candalynn Johnson | 2/26/19
Finn Johnson | 2/21/19
Donald Winterstein | 2/11/19
Lots of great information, hopefully can learn to apply in practice
Layla Koulibali | 1/22/19
Rachel Bufalino | 11/4/18
Layla Koulibali | 11/4/18
Aimee Edwards | 10/15/18
Miguel Garcia | 9/16/18
Kaylee Landsem | 7/26/18
Chad Kern | 7/5/18
Lots of valuable information provided in an accessible format. Well done.
Angela DuBois | 6/21/18
wonderful program, I love all the training and focus on preparing the dogs for a successful transition to their new home.
Tawni Gall | 6/15/18
Very helpful!
Guadalupe Torres | 5/27/18
Jocelyn White | 5/22/18
Michelle Day | 4/16/18
Tetiana Chesnokov | 4/2/18
Cindy Woodworth | 3/26/18
Lots of good information!
Micayla Young-Boggs | 3/14/18
Alex Waggoner | 3/11/18
Lynnita Kroll | 3/10/18
this was an amazing course and i cant wait to start helping dogs have good behaviors that help them find their forever home
Erica Vick | 2/24/18
Riely White | 2/24/18
John (Rick) Thompson | 1/28/18
Abigail Bibler | 1/15/18
Carlos estrada | 12/22/17
love the information, perfect for getting a dog in track for a new home. hate the computer test with a passion.
Frank Hanson | 12/19/17
Chloe Chapman | 12/13/17
suesann abdelrasul | 10/23/17
Aimara Garcia | 10/16/17
Jane Ross | 8/16/17
Jordan Marshall | 8/14/17
Christopher Silva | 8/4/17
Dinah Fedorow | 8/3/17
Brandie Dalton | 7/31/17
Victoria Bennette | 7/25/17
Great course with just the right material to know what I'm doing.
Debra Chilson | 7/2/17
I found this course to be very helpful.
M Christine Gentemann | 6/11/17
This training was easy to follow, and was very informational.
Michael Kress | 6/11/17
Kathleen Hoonhout | 4/18/17
tamara Gust | 4/14/17
Gabby Kupfer | 3/2/17
Extensive, but very long winded. Also there are many questions that are in the wrong segment quiz.
Chloe Nelson | 2/25/17
Giorgianna Carlisle | 12/12/16
These videos are very interesting and informational! it was fun to learn all the great techniques I can learn with my dogs at home!
Maggie Lynch | 10/24/16
This course was provided an excellent foundation for training the volunteer. It is well organized and thorough. It increased my knowledge and built my confidence towards helping shelter dogs to adapt to this stressful environment and to build their confidence in positive ways. I am looking forward to developing the skills taught in the tutorials. Thank you very much for this exciting opportunity!
Lindsay Self | 9/25/16
Roger walker | 9/14/16
Gabrielle Norvell | 8/16/16
Brian Zeller | 8/10/16
Very good course
Glenna Unfred | 8/10/16
Jenna Robbins | 8/8/16
amy klaus | 8/8/16
The videos are not specific enough, especially when it comes to the one about dog speak. That one is quite terrible. It doesn't NOT make it clear when certain things are positive or negative. For instance, a dog yawning is apparently a negative expression, which baffles me, because one would think a dog yawning would mean they are relaxed, but the video only mentions this as a dog trait without making it entirely evident that this is to be considered a negative trait and one to be wary of. The other videos are okay, but that dog speak one is not good at all.
Juan Lopez | 8/3/16
Yolanda Valdez | 7/21/16
The BEET video was not clear about if some of the body languages were positive or negative.
Sadie wolf-magee | 7/16/16
Was a good learning experience.
Blaze Wright | 7/10/16
Blaze Wright | 7/10/16
Blaze Wright | 7/10/16
April Saleh | 6/28/16
Skylar Leeth | 6/22/16
It would be a lot better if you you could see the ones that are right on the questions that have more than one answer. Also it would be easier to answer all of the questions at one time and then semet the test.
Emily Bishop | 6/20/16
John Devers | 6/17/16
Katlyn Brown | 6/14/16
Yolanda Martinez | 6/13/16
I found it easy to follow and learned valuable training techniques that I look forward to applying once I become an active volunteer as a kennel buddy or dog walker.
Baylee Walling | 6/4/16
xL Designz | 6/2/16
Anjie Livengood | 6/1/16
Rather long, I will never remember everything! But very informative.
Jack Livengood | 6/1/16
Very informative but takes a long time. And if you exit early you must watch the entire video again, even if you only had 2 minutes left.
Honara Schoorl | 5/26/16
katina follis | 5/25/16
It was simple and fun. I enjoyed the videos and learned alot
Jonna Witbeck | 5/20/16
Some of the questions about body language were not clearly addressed in the videos.
Brad Gilman | 5/17/16
Ramona Reynolds | 5/17/16
This course taught me how to train dogs in a safe manner and how to use treats to teach them to complete simple commands such as "sit, stand," and "walk." It was very enlightening.
Lauda Gilman | 5/14/16
Brad and I have finished our training to be dog walkers at the Humane Society and we got 100% - can't wait to start walking dogs!
Brean Arnold | 4/25/16
Sarah Kinkade | 4/22/16
Madison Perkins | 4/21/16
Angelyn Hall | 4/19/16
Caroline Patton | 4/19/16
Kelly Henlin | 4/18/16
Ramona Reynolds | 4/13/16
I just completed the Open Paw Training for Willamette Humane Society Volunteers. It was very interesting and enlightening. I had no idea that training a dog was so thorough! It's a lot more than just teaching them to sit and stay on command. This training should be very helpful to the dogs and adoptive families of these dogs when they take them home.
Ben Ravenwood | 4/9/16
Melinda Franklin | 4/8/16
Holly Cain | 4/4/16
Thomas Decker | 3/25/16
Kalen Nielsen | 3/25/16
BriBriBloodlust ニャ | 3/25/16
Arella Rodriguez Lentz | 3/24/16
Easy to Follow
Patricia Giménez Eguíbar | 3/22/16
Millie Cedillo | 3/19/16
jeanne elmore | 3/19/16
Veronica Navarro | 3/17/16

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