Great course!!!
Geoffrey Oliver | 6/20/19
Very good glen d. You practice what you peach so to speak. Look forward to actually racing against you one of these days.
Kind regards Geoff oliver
Ian Dowsett | 6/8/19
Certainly tests ones knowledge of rules and management systems for Regattas.Never knew there was so much involved.
Very well worth the time and effort to learn it all.
Murray Cummings | 11/27/18
Ross Mackay | 11/20/18
This is an excellent resource! Extremely well put together and functions faultlessly!
Well done to all involved!
Ross MacKaky
Ronald Rhault | 11/10/18
Bryan Lowson | 11/3/18
Thanks well worth the time. A great course for Radio Sailing.My new skill will help me lots when sailing and being a Race officer at the CMYC nz.
Kevin Robertson | 9/13/18
An excellent course that every Radio yacht sailor should complete.
William Bradley | 8/29/18
initially I should have read the questions better before answering. Could have got 100% for each question if I had taken the time. It has given me a better understanding of the rules and of the duties required of a R/O
Richard McNeilly | 7/6/18
Very good course
Graeme Attrill | 6/26/18
Chris Grant | 6/23/18
Chris Head | 6/22/18
I found the course very informative and improved my understanding of the rules.
Peter Buchanan | 6/21/18
Ron Parker | 6/20/18
Thank for the time and effort putting this course together, I certainly learnt a few things. it,s ineresting how some things you know are not quite right. The HMS took some reading and understanding as I havn,t had alot to do with it, apart from dropping down the board !
Again great piece of work Thank you very much
John Rountree | 6/19/18
I think it is a very comprehensive course.
I think it would be beneficial to all sailors to study the course.
Well done to the people who put it together.
Trevor Fisher | 6/11/18
James Tarr | 6/9/18
Great info, very helpful for becoming an RO at any level Renata.
James Tarr | 6/8/18
Kyle Stewart | 6/7/18
Warren Rock | 6/4/18
Great course every radio sailor should do this

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