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Rita Stephan | 4/22/19
Ashish Bhatnagar | 3/28/19
This short course gave me a wonderful insight into Finnish Education System! Incidentally so many things I found common between the teachers, and the Principal featured in the videos here.
It was great to have this first hand information from a very experienced Pirjo Suhonen! Thanks Pirjo!
Humayun Mujahid | 3/12/18
Hi there,
I'm Humayun from Islamabad, Pakistan.
On Friday, I attended this course on your website by paying 35 Euros. I was shocked to note how very substandard it was. Just a few articles showing pictures alongside, and a short quiz at the end. Anyways, I left my feedback there asking for my certificate of completion.

Secondly, the kind of certificate which is visible there has no words inscribed on it, like: Finland OR Finnish etc. Plz ensure my certificate bears these words on it --- as a proof that the certificate was awarded by a Finnish Agency dealing educational courses.
I'm also disappointed to note that:
1-There is no agent available there to deal with customers/learners online in a way of offering Live Chat.
2- I've not received any response yet --- saying that I've completed the course and the certificate will be delivered.
3- Nobody seems to be attending there at all.

It's all very very disappointing scenario. Plz respond.
Humayun Mujahid | 3/9/18
Honestly, I feel completely dismayed. Charging 35 euros for this kind of stuff is very very unfair. I found it just a pack of 10 short articles (with a few pics attached) on Finnish Education. Far better articles are available on the net. While I thinking of learning something new, something amazing, and was expecting it is going to be at least a week-long course, it turned out to be just a small volume of text which I finished in no more than an hour. How very unprofessional of you to charge this much for such a poorly developed material! But anyways, I now look forward to my certificate and request you to please mention on it it was issued from somebody from Finland. Your certificate doesn't bear the word 'Finland' or 'Finnish' anywhere on it.

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