Yeadon Sailing Club - Start Sailing, Online Theory Course


Wojciech Frosik | 5/23/17
Ranam Kazziha | 5/22/17
Roberto Sanchez | 10/8/16
A great online course with all the Basics information needed to start to pratice Sailing
Ranam Kazziha | 9/7/16
Stuart Briely | 7/26/16
Good course. I enjoyed learning. Some videos didn't work on smartphone though.
Daddie Kay | 3/3/16
Mark Leavens | 2/16/16
I've lived in Seattle for nearly 10 years now and I still don't know how to sail. Putting an end to that. First on the water sailing class starts this weekend!
R Noble | 7/26/15
Tim Burnett | 4/23/15

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