Yeadon Sailing Club - Start Sailing, Online Theory Course


teagan Onpapaer | 11/5/18
Mohsen Zia | 10/1/18
Really good online course. Good materials, videos and explanations, and comprehensive coverage of the basic concepts and techniques.
One minor enhancement - in some of the quizzes, for some questions the diagrams were not visible on my laptop. Not sure if there was an issue with my machine or the diagrams were not included in the questions.
Mohsen Zia | 9/30/18
Marco Stolk | 9/7/18
This course was really informative to say the least.....
Brenda Tough Grimes | 5/16/18
Vera Abramova | 11/20/17
Rosario farace | 6/2/17
Stuart Briely | 5/29/17
Wojciech Frosik | 5/23/17
Ranam Kazziha | 5/22/17
Roberto Sanchez | 10/8/16
A great online course with all the Basics information needed to start to pratice Sailing
Ranam Kazziha | 9/7/16
Stuart Briely | 7/26/16
Good course. I enjoyed learning. Some videos didn't work on smartphone though.
Daddie Kay | 3/3/16
Mark Leavens | 2/16/16
I've lived in Seattle for nearly 10 years now and I still don't know how to sail. Putting an end to that. First on the water sailing class starts this weekend!
R Noble | 7/26/15
Tim Burnett | 4/22/15

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