Anastasia Tanner | 12/4/14
Ginger Aiyle | 11/8/14
Donna Melvin | 10/19/14
Loving this class!!
Paige Swinson | 10/16/14
Zarrisya Thalyvjeiry | 10/16/14
So far this is what I have been looking for to help me with my studies. cause doing it on 1s own is not as easy as it my seam or 1 may think. So being in my wicca 101 class/ lessons I'm Looking forward to being on straight road from the beginning/ start & beyond/ infinity of this wonderful knowledge on my path in wicca/ my religion & beliefs I have always been looking for. Many wonderful/ great fullness & graduations, with many blessings 2 my New Ffriend & Teacher JENN SMITH!

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