2017 - 2018 MHED Policies and Procedures Refresher Course


Stephen Grant | 6/26/17
Linda Arnett | 6/16/17
Laura Thornburg | 6/11/17
Linda Kucza | 6/7/17
Valuable info. At some point I couldn't figure out how to change my answer...but all was well, I guess. It says I passed. Yay!!
Teresa Reetz | 6/6/17
Clark Fulton | 6/4/17
Page number questions on quiz seemed tedious and unnecessary. Otherwise it was okay.
Karen Powers | 6/4/17
jim morrison | 6/3/17
the test booklet needs to be online Also once u get an answer right you should not need to review it again Bad planning on the creator of the program
Gerald Culver | 6/2/17
The course covered many of the important procedures which I encounter during the school year.
Judy Y Johnson | 6/1/17
Easy and interesting course. Take it !! I was amazed what I had forgotten and had to look up in the manual.
Judy Dearwester | 6/1/17
Adam Moore | 5/31/17
Evelyne Richter | 5/30/17
Great course!
Kathy Bunner | 5/30/17
Good review of policies, wasn't anticipating having to remember page numbers though. Had to take it twice for that reason even though I remembered topic.

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