Information Management and Digital Archiving (Autumn 2018)


Rois Saputro | 1/8/19
Nina Lazuashvili | 12/13/18
Nina Lazuashvili | 12/13/18
The best think I liked about class is that we had opportunity to listen specialists from various fields and therefore, become aware of the diverse insights. Haveing guest lecturers also contributed to broadening our knowledge not only with study materials but with practical, real-life examples. As to the technical side of the course, each class was also very well organized, we were always equipped with necessary study materials, classes started on time, students used to receive reminders about deadlines throughout the whole course, etc. Thank you!!
Kelly Toomast | 12/11/18
Chiemezie Francis Iroka | 12/9/18
Timur Baltabaev | 12/5/18
Intensive course.
Yishuang Liu | 12/4/18
Yurii Zhatkin | 12/4/18
Good structured and the number of different lecturers is impressive.
Timur Baltabaev | 12/3/18
Timur Baltabaev | 12/3/18
Temofe Isaac Akaba | 12/2/18
Rois Saputro | 12/2/18
I will definitely convert it into PDF so I can also re-read in the future :)
Sidratul Muntaha | 11/24/18
Katriina Puputti | 11/24/18
A very interesting course in all! My personal interest is in digital archiving so basically all the information on information management was new to me - and I did welcome all of it! I realized there is still so much to learn. Some of the lectures were quite difficult (being totally new to the subject) and I could have used more thorough explanations of the terms and the basics of the subject. But there is a reason for the reading lists I suppose. :) Thank you for organizing this course!
Julia Cherentsova | 11/22/18
Kalev Mändmaa | 11/19/18
Nino Mezurnishvili | 11/29/17
Christiane Abel | 11/25/17
Ammar Ali Khan | 11/22/17
Anastasiia Belokurova | 11/13/16
Anastasiia Belokurova | 11/9/16
Elizabeth Olaniyi | 10/22/16

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