Resume Development for Professional Presentation


Dr. Vicki Bealman



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Course Description

A resume is a jigsaw puzzle, designed to present a complete picture of a candidate's education, skill set, and potential value to prospective employers. If the resume is not complete, the picture you present will be incomplete. This course will take the student through the steps to create the best possible picture, resume, depicting the qualities employers are seeking. This course is self-paced, so students can ignore DUE DATES.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  1. Analyze education
  2. Analyze skill set
  3. Develop points of "value"
  4. Develop presentation, resume, depicting complete picture of the student for potential employers
  5. Develop process for writing effective Cover Letters matching skill set to employer requirements


  1. Expert professional guidance
  2. Professional review and guidance
  3. Grammar and Style Resources
  4. Writing Resources

Assessment Criteria

  1. Student Introduction Analysis
  2. Education Analysis and Presentation Guidance
  3. Skill Set Analysis and Presentation Guidance
  4. Value Development Guidance
  5. Resume Development & Presentation
  6. Cover Letter Writing and Analysis

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