Resilience - the ability to deal with the pressure


Toni Toivanen


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Your brain is an organ that operates on expectations. This ability to grasp the world and work on expectations assists you in functioning in the everchanging, complex environment. Your brain tends to make generalizations and create forecasts about how things are likely to proceed and what is to be expected. When your perceptions about the environment comply with your expectations, your brain is able to conserve energy and work at a leisurely pace. This is not a long-term state of things in most cases, however: something in your perceptions will soon contradict your expectations. Sudden changes require adaptation and your brain will have to expend energy to cope with the situation. This is experienced as stress and it changes the way your brain works. Blood circulation gets narrowed down and focused on brain areas that support basic survival functions: fight, flight or play dead! This helpes us in life threathening situations but makes us unproductive in most other situations.

Unproductive ways we people react under stress: denial, blaming others, arguing, losing focus, freezing, etc. You may have also recognized some of the characteristics that resilient people have: a positive mindset and confidence, focus, flexible thinking, social skills, ability to organize, and proactiveness. The ability to quickly adapt to a change with minimal damage – resilience – is based on these seven learned characteristics.

Your trainer Ville Ojanen is a psychologist with Phd in cognitive neuroscience.

Training steps:

1. Fill in the resilience questionnaire

2. First task in Eliademy (before the first training)

3. First training on 10th of March from 13 to 16

4. Second task (between the trainings)

5. Third task (between the trainings)

6. Second training on 24th of March from 14 to 16

7. Fourth task (after the second training)

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