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Pulmonary and Critical Care Division

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Khushboo Goel
Nathan Kellis
Kefah Ramahi


MICU 100: Introduction and Orientation


No one embarks on a health care career intending to harm patients. Much too often, patients die or suffer injuries from the care they receive. In this course, you’ll learn how being part of the team and practicing evidence-based medicine (EBM) in the MICU is critical and can improve patient safety, outcomes and your learning experience.


Estimated Time of Completion: 60 minutes

Type of Activity: Knowledge, Skills



Course Objectives:

  • Outline the expectations of the MICU rotation
  • Highlight the areas of focus and change in practice in the modern ICU
  • Help you work on the core ACGME competencies and achieve the expected milestones in critical care training in the domains of
    • Medical knowledge
    • Patient care
    • Professionalism
    • Communication
    • System-based practice
    • Practice-based learning and improvement
    • Procedural skills



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