George Teedub



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This is the 2014 reorientation training on PAPRs


Breathe easy!

Course content

  • Overview

  • Definition

  • How it works

  • FlexAir PAPR

  • Components in the case

  • Blower Unit Filters

  • Should look like this

  • Indications for use

  • Limitations

  • Another Limitation

  • Personnel personal prerequisites

  • Examine the blower unit

  • Donning a PAPR: Inspect components, put on in correct order, take off in correct order

  • Attach Two Filters

  • Do not remove blank plug on bottom

  • Turn PAPR On

  • Check Low Flow Alarm

  • Test air flow using Air Flow Indicator

  • Check Black Float for air flow rate

  • Important Air Flow points

  • Attach Breathing Tube Assembly to Blower Unit

  • Attach Tube to Hood

  • Don the PAPR (put it on!)

  • Don Head Cover

  • Adjust the Head Cover using headband strap

  • Remove Blue protective film

  • PAPR Alarms

  • False Alarms vs. Real

  • After Using the PAPR - 1

  • After Using the PAPR - 2

  • Cleaning up the PAPR

  • Cleaning the PAPR - 2

  • Inspect, Store and Charge

  • Storage and Periodic Inspection

  • Questions

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