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Hello my name is Michael R. O'Connor a Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and together we will be embarking on a journey to study the 5 principles of Reiki and open ourselves up to access the universal life energy that we already use on a subconscious level ever day and bring it into our conscious practice. 

Reiki being comprised of the words Rei which translates as Omnipresent, or Universal, and the word Ki which is the Japanese word for Life Energy or the concept of how energy flows in our life; is Universal Life Energy which means that we can/do all access it and use this gift to benefit our life. 


Together we will learn the history of how Dr. Mako Usui rediscovered the principles of Reiki, become attuned to this energy so that we can begin to learn how to utilize this practice in our daily lives, and learn how to preform a basic Reiki Session to help heal ourselves and loved ones using the gift of Reiki. 


Michael R. O'Connor

The Long Island Empath 

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