Eugene Bly

Certified Healing Energy Life Coach

Eugene Bly is a certified Life Coach specializing in personal growth development, self-confidence and self-esteem coaching for adults and children.   Prior to becoming a full time Life Coach and martial arts instructor Eugene worked at Eugene has been provides support and guidance for transforming the issues that stand in the way of your true potential and leading a life that is worth celebrating. Eugene is the founder of Healing Energy Academy, how to use the ancient practice of Qi Gong (energy healing) and Reiki (Universal Life Force) to alleviate stress, pain and sickness from your body leaving you with increased energy and an optimal sense of well-being. To learn more about our products and services visit our website.


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Healing Through the Palms of Your Hands

How to heal yourself and others with the ancient practice of Usui Reiki (The Universal Life Force).

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