Jennifer Mishra, et al


Jennifer Mishra is the Coordinator of Music Education at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and Director of the Master of Music Education program.


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By the end of this self-paced, online class, directors will know how to run an effective music rehearsal. The focus will be on rehearsal strategies and pacing. These lessons are applicable to ensemble directors of all levels. The focus is on band and orchestra, but many of the lessons also apply to choir directors.

Ultimately, the final musical product grows out of daily musical rehearsals. Product follows process. Make every minute count.

This class is designed as professional development for in-service teachers, but would also be appropriate for pre-service teachers in conjunction with conducting and/or methods courses.

This course makes extensive use of videos and online presentations. A stable, fast internet connection is recommended. You will need PowerPoint Viewer [free download] if you do not already have PowerPoint.


This online course was developed by experienced public school educators as part of a graduate music education course. Additional lessons may be forthcoming.

Jennifer Mishra was an elementary and middle school orchestra director and is currently Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

Amanda Davis is the Orchestra Director at St. Charles High and Jefferson Intermediate in the City of St. Charles School District.

Matt McKeever is the Assistant Band Director in the Festus R-6 School District in Festus, Missouri.

Jason Rekittke was a high school and middle school band director in the Kirkwood R-7 School District in St. Louis, Missouri.  

Course content

  • Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 2: Rehearsal Strategies (RS)

  • - RS: Pitch & Intonation Errors

  • - RS: Rhythmic Errors

  • - RS: Stylistic Errors

  • - RS: Improving Balance

  • Lesson 3: Pacing

  • - Pacing: Variety of Strategies

  • - Pacing: Cycle of Intervention

  • - Pacing: Dynamic Communication

  • - Pacing: Bringing Ideas Together

  • Lesson 4: Prioritizing

  • Tips from the Podium

  • Error Detection

  • More Supplemental Materials

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