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Sarah Haws, LMHC, BCBA

BCBA Supervisor #1-08-4728

I have worked with children implementing behavior-analytic services for 15 years. I have a license in mental health counseling and have been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2008. In 2011, I taught master level BCBA courses at National University in San Diego, CA. I have been the owner and president of Child Enrichment Center since 2006. Child Enrichment Center specializes in providing treatment derived from applied behavior analysis (ABA) to children with autism and related disorders. To learn more about Child Enrichment Center check out our website at I have supervised and trained hundreds of practitioners in the practice of behavior analysis who work with children with autism. I love working with children and feel so very fulfilled in my work. My goal is to share the knowledge and tools I have gained in my practice to others working in the field.

Reviews (10)

Rebekah Norman
Great course! I knew a lot of the information already, having graduated recently with a B.S. degree in psychology. But it was very good to have a review. All of the information was important to know. It was great for me to have an online course, because it fit into my life. I wasn't able to watch the videos all at the same time, and it was helpful for me to break them up into manageable parts and then go back and see what I missed. I definitely would recommend the course to a friend.
Anindita Dwivedi
It was a great course and the instructor was very helpful in helping everyone succeed.
Cecily Salomon


 The purpose of this 40-hour training course in applied behavior analysis (ABA) is to provide behavior technicians (an entry level behavior analyst) with the required training hours established by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) to apply for the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification.  

Review the requirements to become an RBT on the BACB website:  BACB RBT Requirements.

 The RBT credential requires applicants to meet minimum age and education standards, obtain 40 hours of acceptable training, successfully complete a competency assessment, and a criminal background check.​  Go to this BACB RBT Requirements link.  This course satisfies the 40 hour ABA Training requirement only.  Our Competency Assessment Course satisfies the RBT Competency Assessment requirement only.  


Sarah Haws, LMHC, BCBA                                                                                                                    

Certificate #1-08-4728                                                                                                                      


Price:  $85 (US dollars)+ Tax  

(some credit cards may charge an additional international fee) Questions about credit card charges go to Eliademy as they collect all of the fees.

 This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician RBT Task List  ( and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential.  This program is offered independent of the BACB. 

RBT Task List Topics:

Overview of ABA (2-hrs), Measurement (5-hrs), Assessment (5-hrs), Skills Acquisition [Principles of Learning (5-hrs), Instructional Methods (5-hrs), &  Plans (2-hrs)], Behavior Reduction [Prevention (5-hrs) & Intervention (5-hrs)], Documenting & Reporting (3-hrs), and Professional Conduct & Scope of Practice (3-hrs). Total Training Hours:  40-hours

Assigned Reading:

BACB Professional & Ethical Compliance Code by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) 

RBT Task List by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)

RBT Competency Assessment by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)

Grading & Completion of Course Information:

To pass this course you must complete all RBT Task List quizzes for each topic section and a final test comprising of 50 questions derived from the the topic quizzes. 

RBT Topic Quizzes

  1. After viewing the PowerPoint presentations and additional videos and resources, the student will go the "Tasks" tab and complete the quiz for the topic they completed. 
  2. The student will have 3 opportunities to pass each Topic Quiz with 80% or higher. Let the instructor know via email if you would like to reset a quiz at
  3. The student will be able to view their progress in the course by going to the "Grades" tab at the top of the page. 

Final Test

  1. The Final Test is also located in the "Task" section of the course
  2. Do not take the Final Test until you have passed all of the Topic Quizzes 
  3. the student will have 2 opportunities to pass the Final Test with 90% or higher.
  4. The student must pass the Final Test to complete the course and to receive a "Certificate of Completion" for the entire 40-hours of RBT training.
  5. Again, the student must complete this course within 180-days, therefore the date of the first completed Topic section; ABA Overview, and the date of the Eliademy Final Test specified on the Certificate of Completion should be no longer than 180-days between them because the BACB may not accept the training hours.

RBT Training Hours Form Assignment 

To be completed, After you have completed all of the topic quizzes and the final test.

1. Go to the "Task" tab and complete the assignment as explained for the RBT Training Hours Form. 

2. Type in your name in the first blank and in the next two blanks; type in the date you started this course and then the end date you passed the final.  

3.  Attach and then email the form to your instructor at to be signed. 

4. The instructor will sign and date the form and email it back.

5. Then complete the RBT Training Hours assignment under the "Task" tab by typing in "completed" in the comment box and submitting the assignment to be graded 100/100.  

6. Once all of these steps have been completed, a certificate of completion for the course by Eliademy will be issued.  The Eliademy certificate of completion can not be used alone to register for the RBT Exam.  The BACB requires a start and end date, and Eliademy does not generate the start date on their certification.  

7. Remember, the student must complete this course within a 180-day time period or hours will not be accepted by the BACB for RBT certification.

You may NOT complete this training in less than 4 day time frame. I suggest you work on the course over a one week time frame to process everything and to pass the quizzes and test.  This is a 40-hour training and there is no way the BACB will accept dates of study that are unrealistic. In addition, I will not as the BCBA instructor not sign off on hours that are not realistic.  Study the material and be honest about it.  You will have to take the RBT exam anyway, and it will show if you don't know your stuff. 

Certificate of Completion

  1. An Eliademy Certificate of Completion for 40-hours of RBT training will be generated when you have completed/reviewed all course material, passed all topic quizzes and final test, and completed all of the steps for RBT Training Hours Form assignment found under the "Task" tab. 

RBT Competency Assessment 

The BACB requires a BCBA Supervisor to complete a Competency Assessment for each RBT applicant after they have completed their 40-hours of RBT Training and yearly as part of their renewal process for recertification.  If you don't already have a BCBA Supervisor to provide this assessment you can take our complimentary course Child Enrichment Center's RBT Competency Assessment Course.  Video recorded behavioral samples of each RBT Task as listed in the BACB RBT Competency Assessment guidelines. For more information about the RBT Competency Assessment go to: or click the embedded links provided on this topic.  For more information and to determine if you are eligible to take this course go to:


If you have problems or questions go to DISCUSSIONS and make a comment or email the instructor at  If you don't not get a response in the Discussions section within 24 hours, email the instructor. 

For all payment issues, refunds, concerns, please contact Eliademy.  Eliademy pays the instructor a percentage monthly to teach this course on their website. 

Be sure to ENABLE COOKIES to view presentations in your browser.  

Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 

Basic ABA Overview Video


The Role of an RBT in Behavior-Analytic Services



Registered Behavior Technician(RBT) Certification Information:      



Try "An Overview of ABA" Topic Session of our course for FREE!

Complete the first topic: "Applied Behavior Analysis Overview" of our RBT course below and pass the first quiz.  You will receive, via email, a certificate of completion for 2 hours of RBT training in an Overview of ABA (the only topic that will have it's own certificate to itself).  All of the following topics have the same or similar layout;  

1) a link to a PP presentation with text and videos; 

2) additional training videos, attachments, & resources;   (Be sure to watch the additional videos and read the attachments and resources since the quiz will cover the information in them as well as the PP presentation.) and

3) a topic quiz covering each section of the course. (A copy of your quiz to study from and a certificate of completion will be provided for each section so if you don't finish the course you still have documentation that you have received training in the topics you completed.)  


  Go ahead and start for FREE!


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Overview


B-01 Describe behavior and environment in observable and measurable terms.

D-02 Describe common functions of behavior.

F-01 Describe the role of the RBT in the behavior-analytic service delivery system.

The definition of Applied Behavior Analysis is a science that uses the principles of learning or behavior to change socially important behaviors.

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Child with Autism Begins ABA Therapy, by Julie Capobianco

1st video of a child just beginning ABA therapy.  ("BEFORE" video)

In this video, the child is only able to imitate a few sounds, which were taught in his first month of therapy. He can not follow simple directions, imitate words/actions, and has difficulty attending to instruction.


Video of a Child in ABA Therapy, by Julie Capobianco

("AFTER" video)

At this stage, the child is now able to sit appropriately during intensive teaching, attend to task, answer and ask "wh-" questions, follow directions and is a very happy and social little boy.


 This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician RBT Task List  ( and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential.  This program is offered independent of the BACB.


Click Here to try out the ABA Overview Quiz


Course content

  • Measurement

  • Assessment

  • Behavior Reduction: Prevention

  • Behavior Reduction: Intervention

  • Skill Acquisition: Principles of Learning

  • Skill Acquisition: Instructional Methods

  • Skill Acquisition Plans

  • Documentation & Reporting

  • Ethics & Professionalism

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