Reframing the Higher Self: Western Psychology Meets Eastern Philosophy


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Welcome to Mindfulness and the Muse, a group of offerings surrounding the central idea that combining mindful practices with the arts, we can deeply discover and express the most true version of ourselves. In doing so, we empower those around us to do the same. It is our pleasure to use this space as an opportunity to discuss M+tM, the inception of virtual courses and retreats, and how we hope to serve you on your journey as a yogi, writer, or both.


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This course will draw out the features of Carl Rogers' principles of 'The Good Life', including the phenomenology of personal power relating to a transformed self and the disciplines and attitudes necessary for personal development. Simultaneously, each principal will be paired with one or more of the five yamas and five niyamas of Eastern yogic philosophy as taught by Patanjali, including the personal responsibility that leads to understanding of the transformed life. In this exploration, a cross-cultural approach will be taken, introducing ancient Sanskrit yogic terminology in context with explanations and implications in terms of modern psychological theory and practice. New sessions will be released once a week. 

Yoga instructors, educators, counselors may receive CEU credit for completion of this course through Georgia Highlands College.


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