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Jose Arrias

I am 25 years old, born and raised in a beautiful, warm and friendly country named Venezuela. I am a huge fan of backpacking, extreme sports, movies, books, traveling and marketing. Terrified of highs (only when I got no protection at all), and deep water. Although, I still do whatever involve those two things, I think the only times in life when you are able to be brave, are when you are really, really scared. Ambitious, risk taker, team worker and passionate about 2 things: get to know the world where we live in and express myself creatively through my profession. Did I say I love animals? because I do.

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Eliademy is happily taking one big step further to Democratize Education with Technology. Now we invite you to go beyond with our "webinars" feature to engage, share and spread knowledge in real time with multiple students from any place at any time. So join our live learning platform and create an even better learning experience.


This course is designed for people who has the “Go Beyond” attitude to look for something more, especially if you are among these professional fields:

  • Teaching
  • Private Tutoring 
  • Coaching
  • Lecturing
  • Human Resource managers
  • Customer care and support managers
  • Interested in Live webinars

Eliademy is suitable for all industries, offering a simple learning environment to train, coach or educate your students. If you are looking for the best way to increase your employee's knowledge and performance, support your customers with less effort, then this is the place for you.

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Course content

  • First steps

  • Bestseller course tips

  • Scheduling first webinar

  • Webinar features

  • Farewell and How Can You Start

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