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When dealing with vacant land it is important to know the basics to be knowledgeable in any situation.  Within this course you will learn the basics of what land is, zoning uses, building restrictions, and more to help guide you in becoming a top Sales Representative here at Asset Quest.  Below is an outline of what you will cover in this course.


  1. What is vacant land?


  • How does it get developed

  • What to know before purchasing vacant land

  • Why our investors choose to purchase vacant land


  1. Zoning and Land Use


  • Zoning Codes per Area

    • What each zoning code means


  1. Legal Descriptions


  • How to decipher what each part means within a legal description

  • Where to find each on county websites per area

  • Unit/Sections/Additions

    • Break down per county
    • How are they determined and what do they mean


  1. Parcel Lines

  • How to measure a lot
  • How to see the parcel lines in Google and through each county
    • per county


  1. Standard Sizes Per Area


  • Going through each focus area and what their standard lot size to build is


  1. Building Restrictions


  • What are building restrictions

  • Per county what to look for

    • Further detail of each restriction

  • Where to find additional information

  1. Utilities


  • Describe per county

    • List of websites to bookmark


  1. Setbacks and House Placement

  • What are setbacks
  • How does it affect real estate

Make sure to complete all necessary Topics and Quizzes to complete this course.

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