Deborah Brink

Director of Information Services

I am the Director of Information Services at Randolph School.

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Welcome to the Randolph School Upper School 1:1 Laptop Program training course. We will cover several tools available for your use while at Randolph. We will also present policies relating to your network access at school, as well as tips on maintaining your laptop throughout your Upper School experience.

When you finish the topics in this course, complete the final quiz under the tasks tab. Keep in mind that I receive reports on registrations, course activities, and quiz submission. You must pass this quiz prior to the beginning of the school year. Students who do not pass the quiz will not be allowed to access the Randolph School network. You may only take the quiz 4 times, so carefully review the course content prior to submitting your quiz. Note: Do not submit the quiz until you are happy with your score, you cannot retake it after you have submitted it. Also: I can track your progress through the course. If you take a quiz prior to completing the content, I am informed by the system.


Course content

  • Laptop Program Options

  • Randolph School Technology Code of Conduct

  • Network Access, otherwise know as Bradford

  • Network Access Passwords

  • Computer Care Dos and Don'ts

  • Tech Support Requests

  • Print Services

  • Gaggle Email

  • Backups

  • Operating System Updates

  • Microsoft Office 365 - Under Construction

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