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Hi there!

We are so excited you have decided to Raise Your Vibration!

This course is specifically designed to have you dive deep into what the Law of Attraction is not only in theory but in application.

You will have a mini-lesson for each day which corresponds with a chapter from Ask and It is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks and the pages from the Raise Your Vibration Workbook.

Each lesson will teach you a concept about Vibration and the Law of Attraction and the corresponding tasks will ensure your understanding of the concepts not only in an academic sense, but for use in the real world.

We use tools such as spaced repetition, reflection, and partner work to be sure that these concepts are not something you are simply familiar with, but that are truly ingrained in your mind so that you can utilize them in your life purposefully and consciously without hesitation.

The Concepts:

  • What your vibration is now
  • How your vibration came to be as it is now
  • How to choose a new vibration + the tools and techniques to do so
  • What impedes your new vibration and how to handle it
  • How to keep your vibration raised no matter what life throws at you

PLUS you will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course so that you will be able to show proof of completion for future courses, and show everyone that you truly know your Vibration stuff!

The Features:

  • Video, audio, and written trainings to teach and reinforce concepts
  • Daily Integration Assignments so that you can truly understand the concepts presented on a subconscious level
  • Daily Real-World Application Tasks to take the theory and apply it in real life right away
  • Unlimited Access to The UP Team via Discussion Tab
  • Unlimited Access to your Raise Your Vibration Mastermind Cohort to share experiences and solidify concepts
  • Your very own Raise Your Vibration Partner who you will do specific work with throughout the course to deepen your knowledge of the concepts
  • Raise Your Vibration Final Project showing your true depth of understanding of your vibration and the Law of Attraction
  • Certificate of Completion

The Results:

  • You will have permanently raised your vibration by the end of this course, which means more opportunities will come your way to bring you closer to what you want
  • You will have all the tools and techniques you need to understand your vibration at any moment and how to raise it
  • You will know exactly how to clearly define what you want and rid yourself of the blockages that are keeping you from getting it
  • You will feel happier, more free, more in control of your life, and positively affect others throughout the process and beyond
  • You will forge bonds with likeminded people who you now have as contacts to help make your dreams come true in the future
  • You will be a new and improved version of yourself who knows what you want and will do anything it takes to get it!

We can't wait to see how much easier you're able to manifest your desires after permanently raising your vibration through this course!

See you soon!

With love,

Michelle and Geraldo

The UP Mentor Team

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