Raging Against The Machine: How Hip hop Changed the World...


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Good Morning!!!!

This is the first day of the rest of music class with Ms. Bailey...Welcome. The first half of the year we spent time exploring the basics of music theory. We are going to change gears in 2 major ways. 

Way #1: Content: Our focus from now on will be Hip Hop and its impact on American culture and the World abroad. We will be discussing how hip hop started, how it spread, the elements that make it more than just music and what makes it so influential. We will also be using it as a conduit (Con-Do-Wit: an instrument to transmit or distribute) to explore things like music reviews, artistic critiques, debating artistic thoughts and musical composition.

Way #2: Class format: Class will be 85% ONLINE now. Your daily downbeat will now be placed in the discussion board, and the notebook that I gave you will be used for taking mandatory notes and used as a method to adjudicate (ah-ju-deh-kate: to judge) your active participation in my class. Lectures will be pre-recorded, and there will be an assignment due at the end of most classes through the assignment portal, and taken down at midnight of the due date making it impossible to turn in late work.  I will still physically be in class with you and available for questions through chat. 

Switching formats will give you more autonomy (uh-tah-no-me: independence) as well as more responsibility. Assignments are expected to be turned in on time which translates into you focusing, limiting your non-music class conversations, and getting the work done. This is an experiment so stay flexible with me as I adjust where I need to make sure you get everything that you need to get. 


Tentative 3rd 9-week Class Schedule

Unit 1: Hip Hop Origins

2/6 & 2/7- Lesson 1: What is Culture

2/8 & 2/9: Lesson 2:  Elements of Hip Hop

2/13 & 2/14: Quiz & Lesson 3: Place Matters: Geography, Genres and Subgenres

2/15 & 2/16: Lesson 4: Hip Hop in Context

2/20:  President Day- No school

2/21- 2/23: Review

2/27: Teacher Workday- No School

2/28-3/2: Unit 1 Test


Unit 2: Hip Hop and Commentary

3/6 & 3/7: Lesson 5: “What is a Good MC?”

3/8 & 3/9: L5 continued: Building a fact based persuasive opinion

3/13 & 3/14: L5 Wrap up

3/15 & 3/16: Introduction to Lesson 6

3/20 & 3/21: L6 Wrap-up & review

3/22 & 3/23: 9 Week Test

3/24- End of 9 week

Course content

  • Lesson 1: What is Hip Hop...Defining the culture.

  • Lesson 2: Learning the Elements

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