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Janet Miles
Anna is a dedicated, gifted teacher who freely shares her vast knowledge of quilting/ sewing with her students in an easy to understand format. The course is divided up into several short segments. In each section, you learn a technique necessary in making the basket. You do what is outlined in the video and then continue to the next video. In no time at all, you will have completed a beautiful basket. She also shows/describes several variations of the project. One can make these baskets again and again, practicing different techniques. I highly recommend this class to novice and experienced sewers.

Having had the privilege of attending several of Anna's classes in person; I look forward to watching her videos in the future.


Hello! Thank you so much for signing up for this class and for supporting the creation of HootnHaller Studio. There were more technological issues than I had originally anticipated, but I think I have found a good platform for delivering the course materials. I hope that you find the content easy to access and that the videos help you in creating beautiful projects! 

The videos in this lesson , along with the pattern you received in the mail, will walk you through how to make the basket. 

I encourage you to check out to see what is going on at the studio. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or call/text me at 937-902-9789. Happy stitching!!

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