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  • This section specifies the process and procedures for certifying a monitoring analyzer used for fugitive emissions monitoring programs in compliance with EPA Method 21.
  • Insight Environmental internal compliance with the analyzer certification policy and procedure will ensure the LDAR program is in compliance with regulatory requirements and EPA Method 21 protocols for analyzers. The internal assessments and quality control checks will identify potential continuous improvement steps for the LDAR program.



  • Method 21 Requirements
    • An analyzer must be certified according to EPA Method 21 before it can be placed into service in a regulated LDAR program.
    • Analyzers that are not certified according to this procedure or that fail to pass certification may not be used in the LDAR program until the analyzer is repaired and passes certification.
    • The analyzer must be certified :
      • Quarterly, usually at the beginning of each quarter.
      • If a new calibration gas is received.
      • Anytime a change is made to the pump sampling system.
    • If an extension probe is to be used, the instrument needs a separate certification for each probe type.
    • The performance specifications of EPA Method 21 (40 CFR 60 Appendix A) are:
      • Response factors must be less than 10 for each component to be measured.
      • The response time must be less than 30 seconds for a 90% response to a full-scale challenge. If any changes are made to the flow system that could affect the response time of the instrument, this test must be repeated.
      • The calibration precision must be 10% of the calibration gas value. This test must be done every quarter, generally on the first day of each calendar quarter.
    • Certain design specifications are applicable and include:
      • Is capable of measuring the leak definition concentration specified in the regulation governing monitoring being performed.
      • Is readable on the scale of the instrument to + 2.5 percent of the specified leak definition concentration when performing a no detectable emission survey.
      • Is equipped with an electrically driven pump to insure that a sample is provided to the detector at a constant flow rate. The normal sample flow rate, as measured at the sample probe tip, is between 0.10 to 3.0 liters per minute when the probe is fitted with a glass wool plug or filter that may be used to prevent plugging of the instrument.
      • Is intrinsically safe for operation in any explosive atmosphere.
    • When the instrument meets or exceeds all these specifications, it can be placed into service for an LDAR program. Use the following procedure for analyzer certifications.

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