Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Academic Evangelist

Academic Evangelist, Author, Innovator, Educator, National Awardee. A teacher by heart engaged in developing preface for Quality Literacy For All via TQM integrated with SIX SIGMA IN ACADEMICS.


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The need for today towards the teaching segment has dwelled with intelligence and IT friendly requisites by all. Quality Education is reflected by the involvement of the Quality Infrastructure at the learning arena which otherwise is not of any use and Children Friendly.

The parents are requested to make their choices today for admission in majority of the mushrooming shops around the country more like any other service industry with the option to have a round around the School, the classes and even they are told to leave their wards in the class as a trial run for them to decide of taste. Computers, software, CDs and Smart Toys ought to be  considered as a supplement to the other, more concrete learning activities like completing puzzles, building with Lego and blocks, reading books, creating art projects and playing on the playground…”, is obvious by our observations and research, out of the present day scenario.

On very grounds of improvement planning and the paradigm shift with education being characterized by technology enabled instructions, collaborative learning, multidisciplinary problem-solving and promoting critical thinking skills,  e-learning, a household name for the students today offers a wide variety of ICT enabled classroom solutions for learning the Smart Way ! It allows a user-friendly option for the learner to be integrated in what is desired and acquired to his or her requirements class and level wise.


Course content

  • The Requirement

  • The Need today

  • The Scenario

  • Mantras for Teachers

  • Thanks

  • About the Resource Person

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