Dr. Jordan Salvador

Qualitative Research Course

Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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Dear Doctoral Students,


Welcome to Qualitative Research Course (GQRS-231)!

This course will guide you in your dissertation writing whether delving with any research design, however, this course will be focusing much on the theoretical underpinnings of qualitative research. This virtual classroom will be consisting of various methods of instruction such as online class discussions, webinars, etc. 

At the end of the course, all students will be expected to formulate a qualitative topic to initiate a proposal for dissertation writing particularly a qualitative research (ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, etc.)

However, before you proceed with the syllabus and topics of this course. Please have to time to do this short activity that would gauge your knowledge about writing and referencing.The general guideline to be used for your writing activities will be the APA format. In order to familiarize yourselves with this format, please follow the instructions below:  

  •  take the pre and post tests using the following link  It will say that putting an e-mail address is OPTIONAL.  For our purposes, your pre and post APA test results are NOT OPTIONAL, they are mandatory.  Please indicate that you want your pre and post test results to be send to
  • in your case, if you have done this in your other course with me, you don't need to it again 
  • After you take the pre and post-test for APA, now browse through the Purdue OWL APA tutorial at this link: .  Make sure that you complete reading the Purdue APA tutorial.
  • All future papers that you submit for this course should all be APA formatted!

If you have nay questions, don't hesitate to connect with me. You may use the discussion panel!


Thank you very much!




Jordan Tovera Salvador, PhD, RN



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