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Corporate Approach S. L. was founded in 2005, and it is the result of an encounter of professionals with common goals convinced that access to knowledge must not be elitist.  At first, Corporate Approach focused its attention on teaching companies, and now we are diversifying our offer by providing courses oriented to a much wider audience. We can make a difference helping those students whose skills have kept them from getting that dream job. We are specialists in intermediate and upper intermediate levels. We do offer services for lower levels; however, we feel can deliver our best performance with intermediate and upper intermediate levels. Throughout our brief history we, have rendered our services to government and private institutions and helped a significant​ number of students to pass official English exams.


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This is without a doubt a very complete punctuation course. Punctuation is indeed one of the most important areas of written English, and most people don't take punctuation very seriously. An error in punctuation can radically change the meaning of a sentence. If we had to provide an analogy about punctuation, I would pretty much say that it would be like driving in a city without stop signs, traffic lights, or even speed limit. If we learn to punctuate sentences properly, we can build more complex structures to express our ideas. It is not that hard, but you need to remember some rules, and put them in practice as much as you possibly can. In our world, where computers are omnipresent, we are constantly writing emails and all kind of written communication, so we may as well profit from the opportunity to do it right. We have always felt a profound admiration for those who have the gift of writing properly, and that entails an extensive use of punctuation to give our writing a distinctive approach. Practice makes perfect


The objective is to fully understand the use of punctuation and the benefits of writing properly. 

Designed for

The course is designed for anyone interested in overcoming the difficulties of punctuation.

Once you finish the course

You will have the necessary confidence to express your ideas in a correct, effective manner, when it comes to passing on your message.

Course index and content

We have divided this course in eleven chapters and two activities:

  1. Punctuation overview
  2. Punctuation in types of sentences
  3. The period
  4. The question mark
  5. The exclamation mark
  6. The colon, the semicolon, and quotation marks
  7. The hyphen and the dash
  8. The ellipsis
  9. The apostrophe  
  10. The slash or virgule
  11. The comma
  12. Homework # 1
  13. Homework # 2

Corporate Approach provides a certificate of completion in all the courses we offer.

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