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JaKevis Brown is the Social Science Instructor here at Eliademy, JaKevis loves to teach here on Eliademy! Though he will have many students in the future he says that "I could have 1 million students in both of my courses but I will give each and everyone of them my individual attention, no matter how long it takes." Take one of his courses TODAY!


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Instructor: Mr. JaKevis Brown

This course will acquaint students with the scientific study of behavior and mental processes which extends to humans AND animals alike. In this introductory course, you will be introduced to new and exciting topics that you probably have either heard of before or definitely have encountered sometime in your life. We will cover concepts and theories in social psychology, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology. In this class, we will tackle these concepts and methods and you will be required to spend a considerable amount of time outside of the course not only reading and taking notes but viewing the powerpoints and completing assignments. The class is based off of the curriculum of Open Stax College. So everything you turn in should be college level work.
    After completion of the course, students should have a better appreciation for Psychology as a scientific discipline, be able to use topics covered in future Psychology classes, and to be able to discuss & understand Psychological concepts not only in, but outside of the classroom as well.

Message from the instructor:
Welcome! My name is Mr. Brown, and I am a social science instructor here at Eliademy! When you join this class we become a family and I am there with you every step of the way! I am glad that you have decided to take a social science class to better your understanding of the way we as a society function. Some work in any of the social science classes I teach may get tough at times, but I am always here to help. We use the curriculum called openstax so that all of your textbooks are free online and you may choose to buy them in print as well. I am already proud of you, because you have chosen to take a class on your own, without it being a requirement. My e-mail is Please do not hesitate to E mail me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
JaKevis Brown
Eliademy Social Science Dept.

Course content

  • Welcome

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychology

  • Chapter 2: Psychological Research

  • Chapter 3: Biopsychology

  • Chapter 4: States of Consciousness

  • Chapter 5: Sensation and Perception

  • Chapter 6: Learning

  • Chapter 7: Thinking and Intelligence

  • Chapter 8: Memory

  • Chapter 9: Lifespan Development

  • Chapter 10: Emotion and Motivation

  • Chapter 11: Personality

  • Chapter 12: Social Psychology

  • Chapter 13: Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • Chapter 14: Stress, Lifestyle, and Health

  • Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders

  • Chapter 16: Therapy and Treatment

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