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Principles in Practice
Instructor Name: D. Gordon
Semester/Year: 2015‐2016
Telephone: (980) 343‐3840

Course Description
An introduction to psychological science ‐‐ the study of behavior and mental processes. This course
surveys the major subdisciplines of the field, including such topics as the brain and neuroscience,
behavioral genetics, cognitive and social development, perception, learning, memory,
decision‐making, language, consciousness, emotions, motivation, psychological disorders, social
identity, interpersonal interactions and cultural processes.

Course Topics and Skills
● Memory
● Thinking and Language
● Intelligence
● Infancy and Childhood
● Adolescence
● Adulthood
● Motivation and Emotion
● Personality
● Psychological Test
● Gender Roles
● Stress and Health
● Methods of Therapy
● Social Psychology

Grading Policy
Formal (70%)
● Assessments
● Projects
● Final Paper

Informal (30%)
● Homework
● Classwork
● Participation

Course content

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