Heather Cheuka


Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Northwest University Masters of Education with EC-6 Certification, Texas State University Advocate for creativity, culture, learning and teaching!


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Welcome to the Upward Bound Intro to Psychology course! I am so glad you are here!

What could be more important and interesting to learn about than people?

In this course we will present a broad, general survey of the vast field that is Psychology. Because the field is so vast, we will not cover everything, and we will not be able to go into a lot of depth on any particular topic—that will be the work of later psychology courses, if you choose to take them.

The main goals of this course are to familiarize you with the different areas contained within psychology, to provide you with some of the major concepts of each area, and to teach you how to think like psychologists. By this, I do not mean that you’ll walk around figuring out what’s wrong with all of your friends and then present them with a large bill for telling them. Actually, only a small subset of psychologists does this, and it’s not a good way to make or keep friends. I do mean that you’ll learn to think more critically and scientifically about what makes people think, feel, and behave in the ways that they do.

I hope that you’ll work hard, learn a lot, and find much of what is covered interesting.

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