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The custom home building process can be extremely overwhelming and very time consuming to research if you do not have any background knowledge.  This is a four part, one-hour session course to get clients moving in the right direction.  Much of this process is individualized, but the resources are not.  The goal is to enable clients to feel that they can achieve the goal of building their own home without having to make huge sacrifices on location or style of home. 

Course content

  • Who will Benefit from this Class?

  • Spreading the word

  • Where?

  • What?

  • Why?

  • When?

  • Session 1: Where Do I begin, I don’t even own LAND?!

  • Session 2: Tricks to Financing a Custom Home

  • Session 3: Powering Your Dream! What you need to know about utilities.

  • Session 4: How do I put my dreams on paper?

  • Show what you learned!

  • Rationale

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