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Corporate Approach has been rendering linguistic services for more than 10 years. This company is the result of the gathering of a group of professors and professionals with very concrete goals convinced that imparting knowledge cannot be elitist. We are a group of very different professionals, who embrace the implementation of available technology to improve our level of knowledge, no matter what our country of origin or economic status. Passion for what we do and the firm conviction to change how teaching has been done since Victorian times is what truly moves us. This approach to prepare obedient people, and turn them into submissive employees without a voice of their own should be water under the bridge, but unfortunately the model has perpetuated. We want and are committed to breaking that paradigm. That is exactly what leads us to share our experiences.


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Pronunciation is just another important skill you need to master to get your message across, to communicate. Pronunciation refers to the way words are spoken and it is also understood as the way we verbalize words. It is important to point out that words can be verbalized in different ways and that depends on culture, place of residency, ethnic group, and social class among others. Reading aloud is the closest thing to speaking, and that entails correct pronunciation. We strongly believe there are two kinds of musicians: the ones that can read music and the ones that play by ear. When learning a language, you must learn to imitate sounds and most important of all to recognize patterns that will help you achieve your goal. In this case, our intention is to show you how to play by ear.

The idea behind this course is simple and effective. We want you to feel confident and speak your mind knowing that your message is clear phonetically speaking. Perhaps you have word order, preposition, phrasal verb, or even verb tense problems. These kinds of mistakes are bound to happen. But you cannot be discouraged by such mistakes; it is part of the learning process. 

During the course you will have to make your own recordings for us to correct. We will provide passages and essays with their own recordings. You will have to send your recordings in a MP3 format or any other audio format.  



The objective of this course is to help you verbalize words correctly. You must listen to yourself and learn from your mistakes. We are providing a very unique way of assessing your mistakes. 

Designed for

The course is designed for anyone genuinely interested in overcoming the difficulties of pronunciation. If you are tired of feeling insecure and anxious when it comes to speaking in public, this is the course that can definitely make a difference.

Once you finish the course

You will have the necessary skills and confidence to pronounce well and be understood. 

Course index and content

We have divided this course in 14 chapters:

  1. Intonation Basic Concept 
  2. The Significance of Pronunciation in English Language Teaching 
  3. How You Say it & Pronunciation Tips
  4. American and British English Pronunciation Vowel Sounds
  5. Mars Surface Glass Could Hold Ancient Fossils
  6. Death and Taxes
  7. Is Recycling Worth the Effort?
  8. A personality of the last few decades 
  9. Bottling the Sun's Power on Earth 
  10. Reggae Music
  11. Smart Cane Could Help Blind ID Faces
  12. To Be in Shape
  13. Kings of Baja
  14. Voice Recognition


Corporate Approach provides a certificate of completion in all the courses we offer.

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