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The purpose of this training is to prepare our Production team to get an accurate development level with the support of our new Project Managers, performing their corresponding activities for taking this company to success.


The objective of this training is to provide Project Managers with the proper tools and knowledge to build and maintain new games and also the old ones.

Most of the time in the course you will learn how the development and production of our games work.

Performance Objective

When the training is finished, you will be able to have an overview of the major responsibilities, skills and knowledge that a Project Manager must have. You will also participate in paper-based and simulation exercises, which will give you the opportunity to practice and review the information that was provided to you in the training.

You will participate and will have to complete the following activities:

  • The basics of the company (small company intro + Unity basics)
  • How to make a new game (C16.6s)
  • Spreadsheets and Email format
  • Reviewing APKs
  • How to look at data
  • Create a Rollback APK
  • How to update to C16.6s


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