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This course has been created as a tool to help me help you understand the difference of hierarchy and Time-Management between Bookkeeping and Tax-Returns. 

There's barely anything to this course, it is just a little too long to make it a blog, and I wanted to collate the downloadable & printable tools with the explaining images, text and videos in the same place, for maximum efficiency.

Using my experience, I have managed to break down the Myth to measurable steps, which will make you realise why you are finding it so hard to try to do your tax-return in one go, and try to do a years' bookkeeping in one go.

In this course I'll explain:

  • What are the benefits of doing your Bookkeeping Regularly, or Automate it for Real-Time.
  • How can you break down the task of completing a Tax-Return and Project Manage it to suit around Your Life
  • When are the best times of the year to file your tax return and Why


I look forward to enabling you to end your Love-Hate relationship with Bookkeeping and Tax Return completion


Let's jump straight in!


PS: These courses are merely tools to let you get started with the Generic bits. For Specific Questions, please email us on Subject: PMyTR or post a question on the discussion board.

This is an Interactive Course - you're not on your own. Please use the help available, when you need it.

Course content

  • 1) Time Consuming v Time Sensitive

  • 2) Begin with the End in Mind

  • 3) Be Proactive

  • 4) Project Manage your Tax Return

  • 5) Project Manage Your Bookkeeping

  • 3) Re-Cap

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