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The aim of the programme is to help develop and show-case personal and professional skills necessary for a successful career.

Learning outcomes 

On successful completion of the course you will have

  • an understanding of the changing nature of work and employment and the likely implications for your career path
  • an opportunity to assess and develop your own basic skill-sets in: Self Management, Communication, Planning, Organising, Innovation and Creativity


At the end of the course, if you engage and complete set tasks and activities, you will have:

  • created a blog (using WordPress or Blogger) to host the ePortfolio you will create during the course
  • used web based tools to publish activities to share with classmates, and others, on your blog
  • a well developed ePortfolio to assist with career development; in job searching, to help recruiters and employers to find you or for advancement and progression. Having a well considered ePortfolio can be a significant differentiating factor for career advancement. Recruiters and potential employers will look you up online! Web savvy Seniors within your company may google you! Even the one’s who neglect their own online presence will look for yours - be prepared. Be professional, showcase your capabilities and get ahead.

Format and Structure

This is primarily an online course. Two workshops will be held during the life of this course which will be highly participative and discussion based. 

As you will see from the left of the screen, the course itself is divided into 5 Units with each Unit sub divided into Sections. 

Each Section has a series of recommended viewing, listening and reading material. Some of the material is in a reading format, a podcast or audiovisual (like a video or Slideshare). 

In addition to the content Each section has a series of activities or tasks. To successfully complete the course, it's important to fulfill task assigned. It is recommended that complete all tasks required of a Unit before moving onto a new one. 

It should take about 60 hours to complete the course. You have several months to do it so, a sensible approach is to commit 2 to 3 hours a week to read, watch, listen and reflect - then take action by completing the Learning Activities and progress accordingly.

Using the discussion section will ensure you learn as much from each other as from the prescribed material; so please use it pose questions, ask for help, post comments and engage.

Tailor the learning to suit your own needs - focus on what’s relevant for you. Enjoy and happy digital learning. 

Course content

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