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Our coaching workshops are designed and delivered by experienced coaches and coach developers. We have delivered coach education programs to numerous organizations including the United States Olympic Committee, the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, USA Football and TB12 here in the USA. Internationally we have worked with World Rowing, UK Coaching and the Professional Golf Association among others.


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When we think about coaching, we tend to focus on players' development and the improvement of their physical, mental, technical and tactical knowledge and skills. However, learning is not solely the domain or responsibility of the players. In order to continue to support players' performance, it is critical that coaches continue to develop their own professional knowledge and skills.

Professional development is critical to keep abreast of new trends, innovations, research and initiatives. Perhaps most importantly, it ensures coaching currency.

Much like the development of the player, the professional development of the coach has to be considered, structured and planned. The plan should be goal oriented and the process to achieve those goals well defined.

Opportunities for learning and development are many and varied. With so many types of professional development options available, it can be difficult to identify what specific learning to undertake. Furthermore, it is important to consider the most effective way to improve coaching knowledge and skills.

This course will help you:

  • Consider the benefits of professional development
  • Explore opportunities for learning and development within the coaching environment
  • Consider how reflective practice can enhance your coaching performance
  • Examine how you currently reflect and consider the effectiveness of this approach
  • Undertake a professional development bench-marking exercise
  • Create a professional development plan
  • Identify how you can use reflective practice, processes and tools to support your own professional development

This course can be completed in one sitting. However, we would encourage you to take your time to review and absorb the information presented. You may certainly want to take your time in between completing Tasks 3 and 4. The reflection time between the two will be very useful as you consider what the very best opportunities are for your professional development.

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