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The first thing we would like to stress is the fact that we do not want you to list every single benefit of each product to your homeowners... if you took that approach you would spend one hour or more just on one product.  What we want you to glean from this information is a great foundation and working knowledge of each product so that you are able to "summarize" the purpose and benefit of these products to your homeowner.  

For example, you don't need to explain "how" an HVAC system works... you simply need to explain a few key points of what makes an energy efficient HVAC system and how it would benefit their home.  

You are not the installers so don't hesitate to tell your homeowners that your job is not to explain the thousands of strategies of how to play chess... you are simply there to give them an overview and summary of the product(s).  

Don't talk yourself out of a sale.  Keep it real, keep it on-point, and keep it simple.  

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