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The Bulletin is the official magazine of Probba ry, the student organization of Aalto University, Mikkeli Campus.



Connect with Probba and the lovely students at Aalto Mikkeli Campus

Course content

  • Introducing the Probba Board

  • The Mikkeli Spirit

  • The City of Mikkeli

  • Complacency

  • Levelling the Playing Field

  • Be Your Own CEO

  • Same Differences

  • Who Do You Want To Be

  • How I Dated My First Girlfriend - And why Permission Marketing can cut through the clusters

  • Setting Your New Business Up For Success

  • Mikkeli Success Stories

  • BScBA Debating Society - New Beginnings

  • BaBa's Kitchen 2.0

  • Humans of Mikkeli

  • International Mikkeli Day - Student Contest

  • Presentation: Dress Up! Both Your Looks and Your Mind

  • A Band of Thieves

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